Is Writing An Issue Right Now?

Here’s what I am thinking about this week: writing! Writing is hard work. It requires thinking about ideas and then keeping those ideas in your head long enough to get them down on paper. Writing is hard for adults, so of course, it will be challenging work for kids. However, writing is also very naturalContinue reading “Is Writing An Issue Right Now?”

Tips for Applying for Grad School

It’s nearing the end of January, which means that many colleges are either back for the spring semester or are about to begin the spring semester. It’s one of the times of year when returning to school for a graduate degree is considered. And, many states, New York State is one of them, require teachersContinue reading “Tips for Applying for Grad School”

Setting Goals: Teaching Students to Set Reading & Writing Goals

There is a lot of energy in November. The end of the year is coming, which means that the holidays are around the corner – and that includes spending more time with family and friends and embracing the season. There is a lot for both children and adults to look forward to during these lastContinue reading “Setting Goals: Teaching Students to Set Reading & Writing Goals”

A Few Ways to Make Your Read-Alouds Truly Interactive!

It’s important to make time throughout the day to read aloud to students. Interactive read-alouds are an instructional practice where the teacher reads a book to the students. Often (in non-COVID times), the students are seated on a carpet with the teacher sitting in front of them. Interactive read-alouds can introduce students to the joyContinue reading “A Few Ways to Make Your Read-Alouds Truly Interactive!”

You Made It Through September!

The start of the school year was not what we had expected. In the spring, life was looking like it would be back to a more normal (pre-COVID) place. Unfortunately, many schools have had to continue the same protocols as they had last year. In May and June, I was so optimistic that this schoolContinue reading “You Made It Through September!”

Four Essential Reasons to Include Morning Messages Into Your Teaching

I love Morning Messages! It is a teaching tool that helps set the tone for the day and welcomes the students into the classroom. It also helps establish the routine with the students. Morning Messages are messages or notes that are written to the students. Often they are written by the classroom teacher, but studentsContinue reading “Four Essential Reasons to Include Morning Messages Into Your Teaching”