It’s That Time of Year – Parent Teacher Conferences!

It’s that time of the year again! The time for parent-teacher conferences. Conferences can be intimidating for both teachers and parents. Teachers tend to be nervous about conferences because they fear how parents will react if they hear something that they disagree with or might not want to hear. However, conferences provide an opportunity forContinue reading “It’s That Time of Year – Parent Teacher Conferences!”

Ideas for Including Teacher-Directed Writing into Your Teaching

After last week’s post, I received a few questions about when it is a good time to include teacher-directed writing into writing instruction. One argument for teacher-directed writing is the standardized tests that students need to take and the need to prepare them to respond to the types of prompts that will be on thoseContinue reading “Ideas for Including Teacher-Directed Writing into Your Teaching”

The Danger of Teaching Writing Through Prompts

Writing prompts are one of those enduring teaching practices that seem great in theory, but in practice do not support young writers. This is a teaching practice that I continue to see in lesson plans as well as in the classroom during writing time. Prompts give the feeling of control over what is being taughtContinue reading “The Danger of Teaching Writing Through Prompts”

Interactive Read-Alouds for the Primary Grades

I love reading aloud to students! It is truly one of my favorite lessons to plan regardless of the age of the students. Read-alouds are appropriate for any age or grade level – because, after all, who does not enjoy hearing a book read aloud?! However, they are essential if you are teaching students whoContinue reading “Interactive Read-Alouds for the Primary Grades”

Supporting Readers Through Guided Reading: Planning the Second (and Third!) Sessions

Guided reading supports students in becoming more confident independent readers because it is the teaching practice when teachers can show students how to read as well as support them as they are reading independently. Implementing guided reading into your teaching will give you the opportunity and the space to observe students as they read andContinue reading “Supporting Readers Through Guided Reading: Planning the Second (and Third!) Sessions”

Teaching Practice Spotlight: Planning the First Guided Reading Session to Support Readers

I have been asked many questions about guided reading lately, and one reason may be that it is not being taught as it normally would be due to COVID. So, here is a bit of information on guided reading and some of my thoughts on how I implement guided reading with students. Guided reading isContinue reading “Teaching Practice Spotlight: Planning the First Guided Reading Session to Support Readers”

Practicing Fluency Through Emojis

Fluent readers are able to read with proper phrasing and know when to pause when reading a sentence. There was a meme a while back that argued for the importance of punctuation and how it saves lives with its captions reading, “Let’s eat Grandma! vs. Let’s eat, Grandma!” This meme shows the importance of commasContinue reading “Practicing Fluency Through Emojis”