Ideas for Including Teacher-Directed Writing into Your Teaching

After last week’s post, I received a few questions about when it is a good time to include teacher-directed writing into writing instruction. One argument for teacher-directed writing is the standardized tests that students need to take and the need to prepare them to respond to the types of prompts that will be on thoseContinue reading “Ideas for Including Teacher-Directed Writing into Your Teaching”

The Danger of Teaching Writing Through Prompts

Writing prompts are one of those enduring teaching practices that seem great in theory, but in practice do not support young writers. This is a teaching practice that I continue to see in lesson plans as well as in the classroom during writing time. Prompts give the feeling of control over what is being taughtContinue reading “The Danger of Teaching Writing Through Prompts”

Be Concrete About What You Want to Accomplish

A new semester is about to begin. This is often an exciting time for my students because they are looking forward to their new classes and more opportunities to learn about teaching and work with and learn from elementary students. This semester marks another that will look different than usual – with classes being heldContinue reading “Be Concrete About What You Want to Accomplish”

Interactive Read-Alouds for the Primary Grades

I love reading aloud to students! It is truly one of my favorite lessons to plan regardless of the age of the students. Read-alouds are appropriate for any age or grade level – because, after all, who does not enjoy hearing a book read aloud?! However, they are essential if you are teaching students whoContinue reading “Interactive Read-Alouds for the Primary Grades”

Setting Goals for a Stronger Beginning

2020 has been a crazy year and many people are looking forward to the new year as a reset or a clean slate for new beginnings. Even if COVID is still around, turning to a new calendar year brings renewed hope and possibilities. After 2020, some would argue that it is not worth making goalsContinue reading “Setting Goals for a Stronger Beginning”

The Benefits of Using a Paper Planner

The new year is upon us, which means that it’s time to move into a new paper planner! I am a huge fan of paper planners. Using a paper planner helps me stay organized because I am able to keep track of events, appointments, and errands as well as help me regularly monitor my semester,Continue reading “The Benefits of Using a Paper Planner”

Need a Letter of Recommendation? Consider these Tips When Asking for your Next Letter

Chances are, you will need a letter of recommendation at some point in your life – when you apply to graduate school or when you are applying for a teaching position are two examples of when you will need a letter of recommendation from a professor, student teaching supervisor, or cooperating teacher. Below are someContinue reading “Need a Letter of Recommendation? Consider these Tips When Asking for your Next Letter”