You Made It Through September!

The start of the school year was not what we had expected. In the spring, life was looking like it would be back to a more normal (pre-COVID) place. Unfortunately, many schools have had to continue the same protocols as they had last year. In May and June, I was so optimistic that this school year would be different and more like the pre-COVID days. 

September is typically a hectic and more stressful month regardless of the pandemic. There is so much newness – you are getting to know a new group of students, getting used to a new routine yourself, and teaching the routine to the students. There are many new adjustments to get used to during this time – and that can be stressful.

Many times when I am busy, I tend to just keep going. I don’t stop to think about what I have been through or stop to take a break, and this is never the right decision. So, at the end of September, spend some time reflecting on the month and thinking about how the month went and what changes you need to make moving forward. Also – schedule some time before October to do something to take care of yourself – take a longer walk, spend time with family, friends, or your kids, listen to that podcast you have been dying to hear, or just buy the $5 coffee! Give yourself a (healthy!) treat after successfully making it through the first month of the school year.

What are you doing to reflect and recharge before October? Send me an email or leave a comment on Instagram!